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The Audio Boutique is the personal recording studio owned and operated by Randy Bacon and Erick Newbill. Started in the year 2000, we have been collecting gear ever since. Contact us for information about rates, rentals, and off-site recording options.

We are currently using Pro Tools LE with 18 ins/18 outs on a Macintosh G4. We have several outboard pre's, compressors, effects units, and mics. See the gear list for the complete options.

Currently we do not offer mastering. We contract it out, so don't ask. We don't do it. We do, however, track, mix and generally try to screw up decent projects with our over-powering production ideals.


Booking: info@lofifiction.com

Address: Greenwood Washington

Engineers: Randy Bacon, Erick Newbill

Recording is fun. Designing websites is not. Hosting by Makin Tech.